Introducing...Andy Wolf Eyewear

Introducing...Andy Wolf Eyewear

In keeping with our commitment to source independent, high-quality and unique eyewear to our patients, we are excited to introduce Andy Wolf Eyewear to our office!  With over 90 working steps to produce one frame with locally sourced materials in Austria, Andy Wolf Eyewear is gaining traction in the fashion industry and has recently been spotted on celebrities such as Rihanna, Kendell Jenner and Gigi Hadid. 



Andy Wolf released its first collection of timeless, modern spectacles in 2006, eyewear which not only fulfills the highest aesthetic criteria, but also provides ultimate comfort and functionality. While not creating mass production but luxury hand-made articles, sales have steadily increased.

“In contrast to numerous companies, who produce glasses in low-wage countries in the Asia-Pacific region, our products are entirely made in Austria”, comments Katharina Plattner, designer and managing partner of Andy Wolf. Hand-made in Austria means that every frame has to a pass a series of manufacturing steps and quality checks which turns every Andy Wolf product into a unique piece of handicraft. Highest quality Mazzuchelli acetate from Italy is used which means that the entire process takes several weeks to create a single frame.



“Our frames not only stand for style and elegance but also make you completely forget that you are wearing glasses. The collection targets a particular group of people for whom their eyeglasses are precious accessories, therefore Andy Wolf products are only available at selective distributors”, states Plattner. “Our commitment to excellence has found an audience with not only celebrities but with customers all over the globe”. The label is present at every major international trade show ranging from Milan to Paris and New York.


Come visit our office to view the collection on feature today. We have new styles and colours coming in the next few weeks!

Specs & Spines Open House / Celebration - April 1, 2017

Specs & Spines Open House / Celebration - April 1, 2017

We were extremely excited to hold an open house celebration in celebration of our new location in Mimico on Sat April 1st! The weather held out and gave us a beautiful sunny day that brought plenty of happy local residents into our doors to tour the office and learn more about our services.

Amongst the revellers, we had the privilege of honoured members of local government in attendance at our celebration.  Thank you to Councillor Mark Grimes, Member of Parliament (Etobicoke-Lakeshore) James Maloney, and Senator Victor Oh for your presence at our official ribbon - cutting ceremony. 

It was a great day to say thanks to all the family, friends and community members that have supported us along the journey of opening up this new office.  Our celebrations included a prize draw for Ray-Ban Sunglasses, custom orthotics, Canyon Creek Gift Cards and Keurig Coffee Maker (courtesy of Antham Construction Group). We look forward to servicing the members of Mimico for decades to come and are ready for many more celebrations in the coming years.

Drop in and say hi or check out us out on social media to see what we are up to next ! 


Custom Orthotics - Nathan V; Keurig Coffee Maker - Martin M; Canyon Creek Gift Cards - Aldona R and Rochelle R; Ray-Ban sunglasses - Sandee R.




Polarized Lenses

What Are They?

Polarized lenses are made to reduce the glare of light from objects around you, particularly outdoors. This is why they are only found in sunglasses, either prescription or non-prescription.

Light is made up of waves that are oriented in all directions. A polarized lens has a laminated filter that only allows light from one angle to enter, usually vertically oriented light. With horizontal light waves blocked, the glare is diminished or completely gone.

How Are They Made?

Polarized lenses are made when organic dyes and metallic oxide pigments are mixed into the lens material, making them part of the lens rather than just a coating. Care is taken to keep color distortion at bay, making gray the most popular color of polarized lens. Brown and amber are other common colors but while many other tints are available they may cause too much color distortion.

What Are the Benefits?

Polarized lenses are highly recommended for people who spend an abundance of their time outside.

  • Polarized lenses reduce glare, or bright light reflected from surrounding objects. This is particularly dangerous when driving or walking near vehicular traffic since light glaring into a driver’s eyes can cause an accident.
  • Polarized lenses also reduce eyestrain. Most of us squint at glare; when glare is gone there is no need to stress your eyes to see clearly.
  • Polarization can provide extremely crisp images with dazzling colors, which is why it is often used in photography.
  • Polarized lenses provide protection from UV rays although the protection may not be significant depending on the construction and quality of the lens.


Polarized lenses tend to make LCD screens difficult to read, often causing the text to disappear completely. This has become more problematic in recent years due to the proliferation of LCD screens. For most it is a minor inconvenience but for machine operators who must be able to read those screens, it can be dangerous. However, BluTech outdoor lenses are polarized and still allow you to see those LCD screens!

Also, as noted above, while polarized lenses can protect your eyes from UV light, the amount of protection varies. Be sure to check labeling for specific UV protection claims.

While polarized lenses may seem to be a great tool for skiers, they can actually compromise the light contrast that alerts the skier to specific conditions such as being able to distinguish between ice and snow, or the presence and shape of moguls. However, polarized lenses are excellent for water sports where glare from the water can be a nuisance or a nightmare.

The next time you need replacement lenses, don’t be surprised if anti-reflective treatment is suggested by your eye care professional. And if you love or work in the outdoors, in bright sunshine or even hazy conditions, polarized lenses can help you see better and protect your eyes.